About TTE - TX

This is about the blessed life I have been given... My blessings are far
too numerous to list them all here but, suffice it to say, I am a very
blessed individual!!! My GOD is an

One of our fun time activities is RVing and visiting friends/family.
We are on our second RV, shown here, and are looking forward to
wearing it out completely before we are through.

We will show off our grandchildren and brag and brag and brag about
those wonderful additions/blessings to our lives. Oh, I could go on for
hours and hours about those three happy eyed little wonders.
So, if I absolutely bore you to death with their feats and
accomplishments you can't say I didn't warn you ahead of time.

We have one future Olympic Gymnast, one future Major League
Baseball Player and one future ??? in our family, y'all.
About Us
Our 45th anniversary gift to one another was a 45th
anniversary Mustang convertible, something we had wanted
and shopped for for about 2 years. We had to get rid of our
last convertible when our youngest child would not stay in
her seatbelt. We wouldn't get more than a few blocks from
home and out of the seatbelt and up on the boot, like the
homecoming queen in a parade, waving and laughing at
the passing world. So, you see, we had to trade for
something with a top to keep her inside the car and in a
The 45th anniversary Mustang just happened along at the
right time. Just seems right don't you think?  
Our Family
Roger Frey, Janet (Todd) Frey, Kimberley (Frey) Tucker,
James Tucker, Lainie (Frey) Hardy, Bill Hardy
Our Girls
Lainie Frey Hardy and William Hardy   
Kimberley Frey Tucker and James Tucker          
Friends Don't Let Friends Drive Jap Crap!!!
Our 46th anniversary celebratory acquisition: candy red
2010 w/Pony pkg
The Hardys
The Tuckers
Our 49th anniversary purchase: crystal red 45th
anniversary edition 2LT RS Camaro.